Corsair DDR5 RAM is on sale for a limited time

Vengeance ram
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Corsair Vengeance 32GB DDR5-4800MHz

CORSAIR Vengeance | DDR5 32GB (2x16GB) | 5200MHz | (PC5-41600) C40 1.25V | Black | $284.99 $‌173.99 USD at Amazon (save $111)
DDR5 RAM is usually pretty pricy so any of the deals talked about in this post are worth checking out. This one from Amazon is just the cheapest we spotted at the time of writing. Corsair makes some of our favorite budget DDR5 RAM so you know these will be even better value for money.

DDR5 RAM is finally here and relevant after its inauspicious beginnings, but even now the price is holding many consumers back from the upgrade. Thankfully it has become much more readily available and with that, we should see prices start to approach something a little bit more reasonable. For now, we have to rely on sales and we've found some pretty good ones for you on Corsair DDR5 deals.

The official Corsair site is having a short one-day sale across its DDR5 RAM packages, but in some cases, they're not necessarily the best deals on the market. Considering Corsair is behind some of our favorite budget DDR5 implementations, seeing them that little bit cheaper is a really nice treat, no matter the store offering them. 

The cheapest option on offer right now on the official store is the Vengeance 8GB stick which is going for $45.74. It may not be much RAM, but for under $50 it's just nice to look at, really. It's almost tempting to buy a piece just to own a little DDR5.

The Vengeance 32GB set, comprising two 16GB DDR5 DRAM 5200MHz sticks is down from $257.99 to $193.49, which is probably more inline with what most people who are looking to upgrade are after. They're also by far the nicest looking and speediest of the bunch. Of course, you could really splurge and grab the 64GB pack of DDR5 4800 down to $333.74 from $444.99 USD. Though that's still a pretty penny for a few sticks of RAM.

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There are a few other configurations to choose from on the Corsair site but as we've said, you'll want to get in quick if you want any of these particular deals. However, it is worth noting that some reasonably priced RAM has also been spotted on Amazon. 

Right now you can get what looks like the same set of 32GB 5200MHz sticks but in black for $174 down from its list price of $285. Proof that it's always worth doing a quick shop around before putting down the hard cash.  That's currently the best deal we've spotted, but there's no word on how long this will be around for.

Depending on shipping options to you which one is the better deal might change, but while the sales last at least, there are a few choices on which RAM deal you'd like to take.

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