Corsair adds RGB lighting to its spill-resistant K68 mechanical keyboard

If you routinely spill drinks on your keyboard, you might want to think about getting a lid, or not having beverages near your PC. Or you could look into a spill-proof keyboard like Corsair's new K68 RGB.

This is essentially the same plank as the company's regular K68, but with RGB backlighting added to the mix. Like the non-RGB version, the K68 RGB thwarts dust and liquid with a rubberized wall around each individual keycap. The rubber shielding doesn't touch the stem of the key, so if it's not completely waterproof—you shouldn't try submerging it under water, in other words. However, it does have an IP32 rating, which basically means it can survive water sprays that might occur from knocking over a cup of coffee.

"Late night soda slip or snack spill? No problem," Corsair says.

Despite the shielding, light is still able to penetrate from underneath the keycaps. Typing also feels the same as any other mechanical keyboard with the same keyswitches—in this case, Cherry MX Blue or Red.

The K68 RGB has a textured spacebar, dedicated media controls, and a removable palm rest. There are no dedicated macro keys, though you can bind macros to any of the regular keys through Corsair's CUE software.

If you're interested, the K68 RGB is available now for $120 direct from Corsair.

Paul Lilly

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