Cooperative RPG shooter Outriders gets a new cinematic trailer

(Image credit: people can fly)

Today's new Gamescom trailer for People Can Fly's three-person co-op RPG shooter, Outriders, gives us a better look at its world, abilities, and everything planning on killing you and your friends.

You and two other players will loot and shoot all the nasty baddies of the planet Enoch, where a massive energy storm, called the Anomaly, is somehow giving everyone and everything supernatural abilities (which explains why everyone is so glowy and murdery).

Outriders will launch with four playable classes. Last week, we got a look at the Technomancer, a class that can summon and control terrifying fleshy turrets called 'pain launchers.' If you want a better look at all the classes in action, Square Enix released an eight-minute gameplay video earlier this week.

The trailer also gives as a release window for Outriders: "Holiday 2020." Check out the Steam page for more.

Jorge Jimenez
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