Cooltek cases keep things tidy by separating the PSU and storage

Cooltek has come up with a pair of new cases that it says are for gamers, the NC-01 and NC-02. Both are available with or without a side panel window, so really there are four new mid-towers to choose from here, each one with a dual-chamber design that keeps the power supply and storage drives separated from the main motherboard area.

Separating parts into chambers is nothing new, there just are far fewer options compared to non-chambered cases. With that mind, Cooltek says its newest cases distinguish themselves from the pack by combining a "modern design" with a "particularly appealing price/performance ratio."

In regards to the former, these cases feature brushed aluminum accents in the front. Versions with a see-through side panel are made from tempered glass rather than acrylic.

As to the latter claim, Cooltek has priced both the NC-01 and NC-02 at €45 (including 19 percent VAT) for the non-windowed versions and €50 for the windowed SKUs.

The NC-01 and NC-02 are similar in style and function with only minor differences between the two.  Both feature tool-less HDD installation, with the NC-01 supporting up two 3.5-inch drives and the NC-02 supporting up to two. Both also support three 2.5-inch SSDs, and you can install a single 5.25-inch optical drive in the NC-01 and up to two optical drives in the NC-02.

Other than looks and slightly different dimensions, there is not much else that separates these cases. Both support CPU coolers up to 163mm high and graphics cards up to 415mm long, and both have have fan mounts for two 120mm or 140mm fans up front, two 120mm fans up top, and a 120mm in the rear (included).

Cooltek did not say when these cases will be available to purchase.

Paul Lilly

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