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Cooler Master's over-the-ear MasterPlus Pro headset supports 3D printed side panels

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Cooler Master today launched its MasterPulse Pro (opens in new tab) headset, the second in a new line of over-ear audio products that will be followed up by a wireless version (MasterPulse Maker) next year. In the meantime, the MasterPulse Pro delivers virtual 7.1-channel surround sound audio and has removable side panels that serve two purposes.

The first one is obvious—fashion. In case you care what your headset look likes when straddling your noggin, you can remove  the magnetic side panels and replace them with 3D printed ones. Using Cooler Master's 3D printing files, you can create your own custom signature panels.

Beyond the bling, Cooler Master says removing the side panels and leaving them off results in a different sound profile, one that supposedly strengthens the bass. When they're attached, the sound profile is described as "crystal clear and balanced."

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For comfort, the headset sports a lightweight aluminum frame with a flexible headband. There are five individual cushions lining the headband, along with extra padding on the ear cups to both increase the comfort level and help block out external noise. The cups can also be removed, if you prefer.

What's different about the MasterPlus Pro versus the non-Pro model is that it's a USB version with virtual 7.1-channel sound. You'll also find RGB LEDs in the ear cups and a built-in equalizer with an in-line control box that lets you switch between three profiles—Music, Movie, and Gaming. You can also turn it off altogether.

In addition to volume and EQ controls, the in-line box has a 7.1 surround toggle switch, LED button that switches the color, and an on/off switch for the omni-directional microphone.

The headset uses 44mm drivers with a rated 20~20,000Hz frequency response. Other specs include:

  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Sensitivities (@100Hz): 118dB ± 3dB / 109dB ± 3dB (bass off)
  • Max Output Power: 100mW
  • Cable Length: 2m
  • Connector: USB gold plated

The MasterPlus Pro will be available Noveber 11 with an MSRP of $100, or £85 incl. VAT based on the current dollar rate. The headset is available for preorder (opens in new tab) from Cooler Master.

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