Conan Exiles to add 'frozen highlands' biome in free August update

Since launching into Steam's Early Access initiative back in January, Conan Exiles has endured a mixed reception. Nevertheless, developer Funcom has stuck to its guns with regards to its long-term plan—having now revealed a new and incoming region of its game world: the "frozen highlands in the north."      

Said to expand the Exiles landscape by "roughly 50 percent", the new snow swept plains promise new environments, monsters, and buildings, as well as "new game features and more", so says Funcom head of games Lawrence Poe. 

Here's a glimpse at the new zone in motion:

Poe adds: "As the game is still in Early Access, everyone who has already bought or decides to buy the game while it’s still in development will get access to this massive update at no extra charge."

Expect the new frozen highlands in the north on August 16, which is also when Conan Exiles lands on Xbox One Game Preview. Here's a smattering of screens from the new biome too: