Conan Exiles plans up to seven 'significant' updates during 12-month Early Access period

Despite notable server issues at launch, Funcom's Conan Exiles managed to shift 320,000 copies after just one week in Early Access. The developer has now released a financial briefing which suggests the open-world survival game has sold 480,000 copies in the last 28 days—shy of its 12 month sales goal of 487,000. 

Moving forward, incremental patches are expected to roll out every fortnight, as well as up to seven "significant" updates between now and the game's full release in early 2018. 

Speaking to the former, 'Regular Patches' will focus on performance and stability adjustments, alongside bug fixing so as to "continuously polish the game experience". So-called "Quick Win" features are small additions that will be implemented against requests from the game's community. 

Game updates, on the other hand, will be less frequent but will bring with them significant changes. The examples given by the financial briefing include Trebuchet and Siege weapons, a Dye system, and mounts—à la Ark: Survival Evolved. 

"The current plan is for four to six Game Updates during the Early Access period," so reads the briefing. "[This includes] two to three game updates during H1 2017, two to three Game updates during H2 2017, [and] one Game Update during Q1 2018."

Speaking to the teething problems Conan Exiles has suffered since its January 31 launch, Funcom says its working "extensively" to remedy outstanding issues in preparation of future updates. It underscores this effort by noting 18 "larger and smaller" updates have been implemented since launch and that "the speed of updates will be reduced" in the coming weeks as it continues to find its feet.

Read Funcom's financial briefing in its entirety here