Conan Exiles celebrates its fifth anniversary with cake and a sale

Barbarian survival game and genital physics simulator Conan: Exiles is five years old today, and developer Funcom is celebrating the anniversary in a bunch of ways. The headline announcement is that the game will be going on sale at 50% off later today, with the deal starting at 11 am ET (17:00 CEST) and running until May 15. The Isle of Siptah expansion, which adds a big new chunk of land to the game, will be on sale too, though its price will only be dropped by 20%.

If you've already exiled yourself to the Hyborian Age, then you might be more interested in the free anniversary bundle Funcom is offering. Players who head over to the Bazaar can net themselves a golden pickaxes, a celebratory cake, and decal "skull-cake" sprays to adorn their structures with.

Conan Exiles 5th anniversary cake and pickaxe

(Image credit: Funcom)

Funcom has also put together a video featuring developers and community members sharing memories of the game, which you can view above, alongside an infographic detailing various in-game facts. These include the most common causes of player deaths (other players, followed by crocodiles) top foods eaten (handfuls of insects—yum!) and the total number of human body parts harvested (lots).

Phil Iwaniuk had mixed feelings about Conan Exiles back when he reviewed it, praising its scope and depiction of Robert E Howard's fantasy world, but criticising it for feeling unfinished. The game's received a lot of attention from Funcom over the last five years, however, with numerous paid and free expansions, including the recent Age of Sorcery update.