Composite images tease new MechWarrior reboot; robo-battle enthusiasts rejoice


If you're a fan of the classic MechWarrior series—and something tells us you are—get ready for some intel that will make you motorized head spin. Recent tweets by @InnerSphereNews , the news source for the human homeworld of Terra, show a string of images resembling components to a gargantuan killing machine. Put all the pictures together, and you get most of an announcement for the long-awaited return of the MW series in 201X, alongside a Mech complete with shoulder-mounted rockets and laser-sighted machine gun fists. Could we be seeing the first glimpse of the new BLR-1G Battlemaster or PXH-1 Phoenix Hawk? No matter the Battlemech, we're fervent with anticipation to hop back into the cockpit of a five-story, 100-ton weapon of mass destruction.

Ever since the release of MechWarrior 4: Mercenaries in 2002, fans of the PC's definitive mech-combat series have been waiting with baited breath for news of MechWarrior's triumphant return. With the recent news "leak" from the ISN, it looks like our prayers for more sublime Mech simulation are finally paying off. Be sure to follow the Inner Sphere News feed for more info as it's revealed, and start getting hyped for the homecoming of your favorite metallic harbinger of death.