Commanding your underlings in Star Wars: The Old Republic

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The latest video from Bioware sheds some light on the role your crew members will play in Star Wars: The Old Republic. You'll be able to order your lackeys to scavenge materials, craft items and even act as your own personal ambassador, going out on trade missions to secure valuable goods. The best part is the ability to generally boss your crew around, forcing them to work slavishly while you go out have on more exciting adventures.

Your companions will even keep working when you're logged off, crafting materials and items that you'll receive when you log back in. Check out our class skills preview for more on the different kinds of backbreaking labour you can assign to your mooks. The main question is what kind of boss to be. The Obi-Wan 'stand back and ask nicely' approach, or the Darth Vader "don't make me force choke you" style?

[via Bluesnews ]

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