Coffee Talk Episode 2 has immaculate vibes, coffee, talk, and releases 4/20 if you know what I mean

The sequel to Coffee Talk, the chill cafe sim that taught me I have absolutely no business being a barista, has a release date. Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus and Butterfly will hit PC on April 20, 2023. I don't think the 4/20 release date contains any deliberate symbolism on the developers' part, by the way, but I choose to believe the sequel will have us running an Amsterdam-style coffee shop until proven otherwise.

Coffee Talk Episode 2 looks set to go forward with the characters and plot lines established in the first episode, which set up the series' Shadowrun-but-it's-a-coffee-shop world and saw you provide a sympathetic ear for customers as you tried (and failed, in my case) to make their elaborate coffee orders. In my defence, I usually just got a bit overenthusiastic with the latte art, rather than failing to follow the basic instructions customers provided.

Episode 2 will also add new characters and beverages, and show off some new looks for the people you already know. Lucas, a social-media satyr, and Riona, whose singing career has been hampered by the fact she's a literal banshee, are a couple of the new faces in town that the devs have already shown off.

Like any good cafe, the original Coffee Talk was immensely cosy, welcoming, and chill. It was a game that subsisted mostly on the power of its excellent vibes, and for the most part those vibes held up, offering an experience like curling up in bed with a good book on a rainy night. Episode 2 looks set to expand on that; I and my slippers are ready.

Joshua Wolens
News Writer

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