Coffee Talk creator Fahmi has died at 32

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Mohammad Fahmi, creator and writer of the excellent visual novel Coffee Talk, has died at the age of 32. No cause of death has been provided.

The Indonesian developer's death was announced on the official Coffee Talk Twitter, as well as a post from Fahmi's sister on his own personal account. "Today we received devastating news that Fahmi, the creator and writer of Coffee Talk, has passed away," the game's Twitter post read. "May his soul rest in peace, and our hearts are with his family and loved ones. May all the good things he shared, story he wrote, live on with us forever. Thank you, Fahmi." Toge Productions, where Fahmi worked on Coffee Talk, said it was "absolutely devasted by his early departure."

The industry has been paying its respects to Fahmi, with developer Rami Ismail tweeting: "Fahmi had a wonderful soul, and his boundless kindness and enthusiasm shall be missed both personally as well as in the medium and the industry at large." Head of PlayStation Studios Malaysia Hasnul Hadi called Fahmi "one of the brightest stars" of the industry, saying "no words can explain how great this kind and amazing soul [was]. I will truly miss you."

Fahmi began his career working for Gameloft as a programmer and designer, before venturing into journalism as the Editor-in-Chief of Tech in Asia Indonesia's games department. He then ventured back into the games industry as a marketing and public relations manager at Toge Productions, which is where the idea for Coffee Talk was conceived (thanks, IGN SEA). Following its release, he formed his own studio called Pikselnesia where he released What Comes After. Prior to his death, Fahmi was working on the slice-of-life visual novel Afterlove EP, which was due to release this summer.

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