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Looking for all the Warzone Intel locations? Call of Duty's Hunting the Enemy mission is one of the trickier intel hunts you'll find in the game. While a few of the clues are self-explanatory, others are intentionally misleading or don't make much sense. If you're having trouble deciphering the hints yourself or just want to get the job done quick, I've gathered the locations of every Fractured Intel piece for your convenience.

There are a few important things to know going in. First, intel prompts will only show in Battle Royale mode. As convenient as it'd be to utilize respawns in Plunder, it looks like Infinity Ward wants the hunt to have real stakes. Second, I was only able to find one piece of intel per match; Heading to the next intel location after finding the previous one didn't work. It's possible this was a bug, so reach out in the comments if you got around this.

Warzone Intel locations: 1 - BCH TV Station

It doesn't get much simpler than the first piece of Fractured Intel. The first clue is a picture that clearly points you in the direction of the BCH TV Station. The big curved broadcast desk in the foreground of the picture is what matters here. Head over to the newsroom and find the intel on the desk.

I found the intel prompt on a stack of paper with a coin placed on top.

Warzone Intel locations: 2 - Verdansk Airport

The next clue is where things start to feel more like a scavenger hunt. The correspondence letter only mentions one recognizable area of the Warzone map: Verdansk Airport, Gate B-23. You can do the legwork and find B-23 yourself, but the screenshot above should make the location pretty clear (take a look at the mini-map for the exact spot in the airport).

The intel prompt will be found on the computer on the right side of the desk. In my experience, the airport is a much spicier drop than the TV station, so you'll want to exercise some caution before sprinting straight into the building.

Warzone Intel locations: 3 - Verdansk Airport (again)

The clue found in Gate B-23 is a monitor alert that references the air control tower. That's right, the next piece of intel is just a quick jog from the last one. Unfortunately, the game doesn't seem to populate the next intel until your next match, so you'll probably have to die and dive in again.

You'll need to climb up the tower and check each monitor for the intel prompt. As far as I can tell, there are multiple places in the room it can appear.

Warzone Intel locations: 4 - Crashed Airplane

The clue found in the tower is the hardest one to decipher so far, but it's pointing you toward the crash site of an airplane south of the military base. It's a location we've all seen in Warzone before, but this is the first time we've seen its origins explained.

This is another intel piece that can seemingly pop up in several places around the plane. For me, it was found inside one of the broken plane sections among some papers on the ground. If you don't find it there, peek around elsewhere in the plane and even outside.

Warzone Intel locations: 5 - Military Base

The letter found in the crashed plane is a transcribed conversation between the two pilots in the moments leading up to the crash. The report shows they were shot down by something in the Arkov Military Base north of the crash site—that's where the next intel piece is found.

You'll find the intel prompt on a folder in a small building next to the big hangar (the mini-map in the screenshot above should make it easy to find). This one is also a hot zone, so make sure the coast is clear before rushing in.

Warzone Intel locations: 6 - Military Base (again)

The final piece of the puzzle is a bit of a doozy. Despite the clue that suggests more info can be found in the building below the air control tower, you'll actually find the last intel in the Arkov Military Base close to the previous one. 

Head over to the small building next to the red-and-white radio tower and the intel should prompt on the double monitor computer setup. Just like with the airport, I wasn't able to find more than one intel artefact per match, so keep that in mind.

Warzone Intel locations: 7 - The last clue

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Once you pick up the last piece of intel, you'll be greeted with a decoded message that reads: Zakhaev's plan is in motion. We thank the Lion for his support. He may return to Urzikstan.

And that's the end of the Fractured intel mission! It's a pretty fun little hunt, but the big question remains: what is it all leading to? The prevailing theory is that these intel missions will culminate into the Activision's announcement of Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War. It's too bad Doritos already spilled the beans.

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