How to solve the Warzone Season 6 Easter egg and get the Bruen blueprint

Warzone Easter egg
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Stumped by the Warzone Easter egg puzzle? There's a new challenge for eager players to attempt, but it's especially tricky to complete on your own. The puzzle will have you checking special Warzone paintings and performing some quick calculations, which will eventually lead you underground to the Warzone subway stations. Should you succeed, there's a Firebrand Bruen blueprint in it for you, as well as a stash of other high-tier loot.

The trickiest part about this Easter egg is that the solution is different each time you attempt it, but I'll do my best to guide you through each step. To keep the pressure on, the gas from the puzzle can eliminate you before you've solved it, so it's worth calling upon your squad for help. Here's how to solve the Warzone Easter egg puzzle and get your hands on the Firebrand Bruen blueprint.

How to solve the Warzone Easter egg

Dropping Downtown

Your journey begins Downtown, in the large building right at the center of this zone. Head to grid G6 on your map, and look for a big building with a domed roof. It's a big pale building with pillars and flags outside, so you can't miss it. 

Inside the building you'll see a foyer with a big wooden desk. Behind the desk is a plant and a computer in the corner. You don't need to hop over the desk just yet, so continue exploring the surrounding corridors and turn your attention to the paintings on the walls.

Remember the paintings

On the walls you should be able to see some paintings. There are seven different paintings in total, but you may see a few of them repeated. Spend a few moments taking a closer look at each of them as you'll need to remember them later on. To make noting down clues easier, grab your phone or a notepad and make a quick list of them.

Once you have a good idea of where each painting is located, head back to the foyer. Vault over the desk and interact with the keypad on the left side. Once you enter the code on the keypad the room will begin filling with gas. It's very easy to spend a little too long on the tasks that follow so try to work quickly and carefully—if you're teaming up with your pals, get them to split up so they can see all the paintings. Once you're ready, enter this code to begin: 2179.

Warzone Easter egg

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Quick maths

After entering the code, walk over to the computer behind you. When you interact with the computer four images will appear on the screen, followed by numbers. Make sure you're ready to take notes, or call them out to your friends as the images will pop up on the screen quite quickly. Each image corresponds to a portion of the paintings hanging on the walls. Note down the numbers that are shown after each image, whether it's + or -. In some cases, there may not be a number that follows—that's fine, too.

Once you've worked out which four paintings have been shown, take a look at the golden plaques underneath. Each painting will now have a number displayed below them in Roman numerals. Note these down, or get your buddies to call them out.

Cracking the code

Now you need to do a few quick sums to get another four-digit code. Take the first painting's golden plaque number and add or subtract the number that flashed up after that painting on the computer. Repeat this for each painting. As I mentioned before, it's different each time, so the code will be unique to you.

Once you've cracked the code, head back to the computer to enter it. However, you'll notice that the numbers have been cut in half horizontally, requiring you to key in eight different shapes. This looks very confusing but you just need to find the shapes that recreate the numbers you need. Once you've entered the correct code, you'll hear a bell ring, and the computer will display the message 'Subway Override Authorized'.

Warzone Easter egg

(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

Heading underground

That's the hard part sorted, but if you need further guidance, take a look at ModernWarzone's full walkthrough. Now we're off to Verdansk Airport. Exit the building and try to find a vehicle—this is likely the fastest way to travel. Alternatively, you can jump on the subway at the Downtown Tavorsk District stop. This may be slightly safer, but you'll need to make a few stops along the way so it'll prolong the journey.

After arriving at the Airport station, walk through the double doors to find a room with green screens displaying the words 'Verdansk Subway Authority'. Interact with the computer to override the system. This calls a train to your platform, which will take you to a previously unreachable station filled with desirable gear.

Warzone Easter egg rewards

There's lots of high-tier loot and a few orange supply boxes to open in this station. Walk through the double doors to pick up the Firebrand LMG Bruen blueprint on the table. This version of the weapon has an extended magazine, Rubberised Grip Tape for stability, and No Stock for increased mobility. You can also grab the Specialist Bonus item, which gives you every perk.

One you're dripping in the best items Warzone has to offer, you're ready to return to your Warzone match, and hopefully win. Interact with the terminal at the station to head back.

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