Closed beta access code for with 1,000 uses - get it while it works!


We love free games, and according to our 100 games giveaway currently underway, you love free games too! That's why we're sharing our 1,000-use beta code for, a browser-based online isometric RPG dungeon crawler set in a dystopian future, with you all. There's no restrictions on the code: use it, give it to your best friend and make him use it, write it on public bathroom walls or tattoo it to your forehead--whatever you want to do with it, we approve.

The only hitch is that you have to go to a very specific URL to redeem the code (both are listed below). So if you share the code with your friends (or tattoo it on your body), be sure to include the URL as well.

Beta code: c9p3hmwgg79o


I jumped into the beta this morning, played for about an hour and had a good time. I went with a doctor character, and have been tag-teaming with some bruiser freedom fighters to lay down the law of liberty on the oppressive guards trying to control us. I don't think so, freedom-haters! has an awesome feature that lets you recruit AI versions of your friends' characters even while they're offline, so if you find yourself in need of some healing, add "Nereus" as a friend and we'll team up! We recently featured in our 15 multiplayer browser games article--head on over there to read more about the game, and look for a full preview in an upcoming issue of the magazine!