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Cliff Bleszinski teases a LawBreakers roadmap

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Despite positive reviews, LawBreakers has been struggling to find an audience. Evan had plenty of nice things to say about it, but it’s not been enough to seduce people away from their go-to multiplayer mainstays. In the last 24-hours, according to Steam Charts, its concurrent players have amounted to a measly 362.

Cliff Bleszinski and Boss Key Productions are looking forwards, however, and have outlined the future of the multiplayer shooter in a roadmap that covers the rest of 2017. 

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Plans include adding two new maps, Namsan and Gateway; new features like a skirmish mode; Boss leagues, a new ranked mode; a secret new class; and, finally, a bunch of “rapid fire” updates. 

The updates will kick off this month, and everything in the roadmap will be free.  

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