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Clean a Bond villain's lair in Viscera Cleanup Detail's new DLC

International super spies sure make a lot of mess when they’re saving the world, and in Viscera Cleanup Detail’s new DLC, The Vulcan Affair, it’s up to you and your trusty mop to tidy everything up after them. Specifically, you’ll be cleaning up the aftermath of Fox Huntington’s attack on Dr. Hades’ secret lair. Dr. Hades (presumably deceased) plotted against the world from inside a volcano, so at least you get to visit exotic places.  

Like all good Bond villains, Dr. Hades had a fetish for lasers and sharks, and judging by the trailer, they’ll simultaneously make your life easier and more difficult. Want to get rid of some body parts you’ve found scattered around? Feed the sharks. Just try not to go for a swim while you’re doing it. 

The secret lair looks like a big place and cleaning it will undoubtedly be a lot of work, so it sounds like an excellent excuse to force a friend into helping you with your chores. As Pip notes, Viscera Cleanup Detail is great for bonding

Viscera Cleanup Detail left Early Access over three years ago, but since the world is still a very messy place, there’s plenty of potential for more DLC. I just knocked over a glass of apple juice—it never ends! And if you’re in the mood for something more festive, there’s already some Santa DLC. It’s… grim. 

The Vulcan Affair is out now on Steam.

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