Classic RTS Total Annihilation is free to keep on GOG this weekend

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GOG is giving away classic RTS Total Annihilation and its expansions this weekend, letting you take a trip back to 1997, when humans and AI duked it out with hundreds of vehicles and robots. 

Total Annihilation was a big leap for the genre when it first appeared, upping the ante with its massive scale, realistic physics and true line of sight. Its legacy might not be as visible as Command & Conquer's, but there have been several attempts to build on it, including Supreme Commander, newly-arrived to the store. 

Supreme Commander: Gold Edition, which includes the excellent Forged Alliance expansion, and Supreme Commander 2 are both available, and on sale too, with 80 percent and 75 percent discounts respectively. The sequel's good, but the first one is the one to get, especially with the expansion.

You can grab Total Annihilation for free until 2 pm BST/9 am ET on June 7. And if you fancy digging into its history, check our feature on the making of Total Annihilation.

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