Classic horror game I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream finds release on GOG

Point-and-click adventure game I have No Mouth, and I Must Scream is now available on GOG , helping to bring yet another the classic PC game to a wider audience. Originally released in 1995, the horror game is based on a science fiction short-story by Harlan Ellison and should feature GOG's usual treatment of smooth, retro-game polish.

The game sets up a scenario where a small group of damaged individuals are the last people on Earth, only they have been kept underground and tortured by a super computer named AM for the last 109 years. Progress in the game is based on choices the player makes that demonstrate the differences between human beings and machines, in that the humans, as unbalanced as some of the captives might be, are able to show how they can survive in spite of their broken characters.

The original 1967 story by Ellison won the Hugo Award a year later and Ellison himself worked as a designer of the computer version and plays the voice of the evil supercomputer AM. GOG currently has the game listed at $6, which includes copies of the game manual and soundtrack.

For more on I Have No Mouth, be sure to check out Richard Cobbett's Saturday Crapshoot investigation of the game where he comments on its general mood by observing, "There was only going to be loss, and pain, and pus, and the gnawing of starving rats against dehydrated bone." A suitable introduction for sure. For a somewhat pithier preview, take a look at GOG's new release trailer for the game below.