Classic '90s FPS Rise of the Triad is getting a remaster next year

Rise of the Triad was a fast and gib-soaked first-person shooter released in 1995, back when we used to call them Doom clones. It had some nice features: the sheer amount of weapons was impressive (three cheers for the firebomb), there were trampolines and power-ups, and you could be a dog. The sheer scale and graphic violence of the game managed to hide the fact that it was running on an amped up version of the Wolfenstein 3D engine.

I have fond memories of it, so much so that I powered through the just-decent 2013 remake. The good news is that the 1995 version is getting a spit-and-polish next year, and in addition to marking the game's debut on consoles (Xbox One, PS4 and Switch), the remaster is also coming to PC.

The release was announced during 3D Realms' Realms Deep event. In the short video above we're told what to expect: the new source port will support widescreen, mouse look, and "revamped multiplayer." No word on whether we'll see graphical enhancements.

Destructive Creations and Apogee Software are collaborating on the port, and it's expected to launch in early 2021. It's part of a big 3D Realms info-dump over the week, which also included the Hexen-inspired Graven and Core Decay, among many others.

Shaun Prescott

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