Clash & GO creates a new genre by combining city-building strategy and augmented reality

It’s a rare occurrence to witness an emergence of a completely new genre of mobile games. Most developers can’t afford the risk of introducing something drastically new or combining the innovative mechanics into inventive combinations. This summer Elyland, the developers behind Draconius GO, My Lands and other titles enjoyed by over 77 million players worldwide is introducing a groundbreaking title Clash & GO. The game is a perfect fusion of the strategy and tactical elements of a city-builder, the real-time battles and role-playing elements of an MMO, and the geolocation and augmented reality elements of Pokemon GO.

Set loose on sprawling digital playgrounds, players are tasked with collecting treasure, gaining experience from combat and growing their profiles within their online worlds. 

Turn the real world into a virtual battlefield as you form alliances and win together. Clash & GO is a masterclass in fusing the real world with the online world, and is the first AR location-based game that combines strategy features.   

In two modes—strategic and AR—Clash & GO’s persistent world exists even when you’re not there. Heck, your phone could be switched off and your previous actions will still constantly affect the global augmented map of the game. Unlike other geolocation video games, though, what stands Clash & GO apart are its meticulous role-playing elements. Victories grant players more experience, which in turn allows them to level up faster. Organise your experience as you see fit—be that by boosting health, defence or specific powerful skills. 

With that, you'll assume control of your own asteroid base in space. You'll craft defence towers, train your troops and level-up your hero. And you'll laugh as weaker enemies fail to breech your sturdiest strongholds. 

As you expand, you'll capture buildings out on the sprawling real-life AR planet that's littered with mysterious artefacts and buildings. You'll complete special quests, and, if you've got the numbers, you'll seize rival territories and claim them as your own. You'll trade your spoils to strengthen your defences, and lay waste to whoever thinks they're tough enough in PvP. There's also a singleplayer campaign if you don't want to chase other players. It offers 60+ increasingly powerful AI-controlled bases to conquer. Show off how tenacious you really are with a unique game score, and top the global player rankings board.

Going it alone is a totally viable way to approach Clash & GO, but banding together in clans lets players extract more resources from their surroundings.

From the developers' end, they can adjust and tailor specific game experiences relevant to how players approach Clash & GO—which means your game could, and likely will, be entirely different to a friend's. 

Ultimately, Clash & GO's one-two combo of AR and Strategy makes for a more secure and transparent video game that bridges the gap between reality and virtual worlds.  More on all of that and how it relates to Clash & GO can be found this way

Clash & GO caters to RPG fans, MMO fans, real-time strategy fans, and fans of augmented reality. Turn the world around you into a warzone. We’ll see you on the battlefield.