City of Brass, the BioShock-meets-Indiana Jones rogue-lite, is out now on Early Access

As you may have spotted us chatting about recently, Uppercut Games is an Australian-based indie outfit whose team is comprised of ex-Irrational devs. Its latest game, City of Brass, draws from BioShock, Indiana Jones and Arabian Nights, while adding a splash of permadeath, procedural generation, and rogue-lite mechanics along the way. It's out now on Early Access and has dropped a new trailer. 

First, here's that: 

Set in a gorgeous "opulent" city, players are tasked with whipping and grabbing their way around the game's procedurally-generated and manipulable maps—"making it to each trap-infested level’s exit before the sands of time run out." 

Scheduled to live in Early Access for around six to 12 months, City of Brass' current state serves 12 level campaigns—each with new gear, relics and enemies. Over time, new bosses, districts and secret areas are planned, while the so-called "final battle", which will unfold differently depending on the decisions the player has made to that point, will be held until final release. 

"The initial Early Access version already has a core experience in place: players can dive into a 12 level campaign with hours of replayability, revealing new enemies in each level, discovering gear and relics, encountering fresh traps and evolving their tactics," says lead designer Ed Orman in a statement. "We’re in Early Access to help us balance and tune the gameplay systems, and we will steadily add more content as we approach Final Release."

City of Brass is out now on Steam Early Access for £18.99/$24.99. A limited time discount cuts that down to £15.19/$19.99.