City of Brass Early Access release date set

As revealed last month, City of Brass is a BioShock-meets-Indiana Jones-type venture that incorporates permadeath. Its creators, Uppercut Games, operate from Australia and have previously worked on Submerged, Epoch and Irrational's first Big Daddy-starring classic. Now, City of Brass has an Early Access launch date: September 18, 2017. 

When it lands on Steam's pre-launch initiative, the roguelite will boast a 12-level campaign and while the process will be an iterative one—such is the nature of Early Access games—Uppercut expects a full release six to 12 months down the line.

Uppercut describes City of Brass as already having a "core experience in place", however players should expect more enemy types, bosses, districts and equipment, among other things come launch.  

"The final battle (which will be different based on decisions players make and strategies they employ) and the mysterious prize at the center of the city, will be withheld until the final release," says Uppercut in a statement. "The Daily Challenge will be implemented in the Early Access version—players will be able to compete with friends on the Steam Leaderboard before it resets daily."

No mention of price just yet, however City of Brass enters Steam Early Access on September 18, 2017. Check out its Steam page for more information.