Cities: Skylines is free to try on Steam for a limited time

Addictive city builder Cities: Skylines is currently free to try on Steam, meaning you too could build a town where blimps blot out the sun. The free offer ends at 1 p.m. Pacific on Sunday, February 11. If you dip your toes in and decide it's worth a dive, you can also buy the game or any of its DLC for cheap through 10 a.m. Pacific Monday, February 12. 

The base game is just under $8 at 75 percent off, and the deluxe edition package is $10 at 75 percent off. If you already own the game and want the deluxe edition content (a handful of new buildings, the soundtrack and a digital art book), you can get the deluxe upgrade pack for under $3 at 75 percent off.

There are also two big ol' bundles. The $56 Cities: Skylines collection comes with all major and minor DLCs, including Natural Disasters, Green Cities and Mass Transit, as well as several content creator packs made with help from modders. Then there's the $19 new player bundle, which comes with the Natural Disasters and Snowfall DLCs. 

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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