Chorus, the sentient starfighter sim, shows off gameplay at Gamescom

The deep-space combat sim Chorus—not to be confused with David Gaider's interactive mythological musical Chorus—turned up during today's Opening Night Live stream from Gamescom, revealing more about Deep Silver's upcoming tale of the ace pilot Nara and her sentient starfighter Forsaken.

Announced in May, Chorus promises fast-paced combat against enemy fighters, massive battleships, and unknown enemies from the void, unfolding across a singleplayer campaign in which players will struggle to unite a resistance against the powerful Circle and the Great Prophet who leads them—and who created both Nara and Forsaken. Your ship will feature an array of unlockable weapons as well as unique powers including ESP, teleportation, and telekinesis.

The new video revealed today gave us our first look at gameplay, and while it was brief we did get a glimpse at the scale of the battles and some of those non-standard abilities that our living-weapon starfighter will bring to the party. Those powers could make for an interesting twist on the genre. 

A release date hasn't been set at this point, but Chorus is currently expected to be out in 2021. Find out more on Steam or at

Andy Chalk

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