Chime 2 announced, out later this year


Chime came out in 2010, and I quite liked it, even though I wasn't very good at it. The idea was simple—fit tetronimo-like shapes onto a grid to create larger geometric shapes that influence the catchy music playing in the background—but doing it well enough to rack up decent scores was a different matter entirely, and something I never really developed a talent for.

It fared reasonably well in our review, too, although we noted that it was a somewhat restricted experience, concluding, "Being limited to just six levels, Chime, while smart and interesting, feels like a demo for an as-yet unmade game where your music library provides the levels." Interestingly, designer Ste Curran alluded to the same thing in today's announcement of Chime 2.

"Chime remains one of my favourite projects, but it always felt like unfinished business to me and I’m so pleased to be returning to it," he said in a statement. "We’re halfway through rebuilding the game from scratch and I’m looking forward to working with new artists in a new aesthetic and—hopefully—finding new ways to play too."

The original Chime was developed by Zoë Mode for OneBigGame, but Chime 2 is being created under license by Chilled Mouse. A website has gone up at, although there's not much to see there yet, but the developers plan to have an early version of the game on display at EGX Rezzed in London, which is actually underway now.

Andy Chalk

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