Check out this sick Half-Life x Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance crossover animation

Foundational FPS Half-Life and Platinum Games' 2013 Metal Gear character action game, Rising: Revengeance go together like… huh, I actually never thought they go together like anything until now.

Komegatze, an animator on the ambitious Half-Life: Alyx mod, Levitation, recently flexed his artistic muscles to cross the sober, moody FPS with the bombastic cyborg ninja sim in a 40-second animation. The video reinterprets the infamous end to MGRR's tutorial boss, where cyborg ninja Raiden flings a building-sized mecha into the air, slicing it to pieces before it can hit the ground.

Komegatze replaces classic video game twink Raiden with fiction's deadliest PhD, Gordon Freeman, here chopping up one of Half-Life 2's biomechanical Striders with his trusty crowbar. The whole thing is, naturally, accompanied by Jamie Christopherson's iconic "Rules of Nature" from the Rising: Revengeance soundtrack.

All joking aside, it's amazing to see how much the community of artists, modders, and jokesters surrounding Half-Life continues to breathe new life into the series, be it with serious endeavors like Levitation or top-shelf shitposts like this little number by Komegatze. Perhaps the real Episode Three was inside us all along.

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