Check out this amazing 3D fan trailer of classic adventure game Full Throttle

Full Throttle is one of LucasArts' most iconic point and click adventure games from the '90s but, despite being remastered in 2017, it's never received a more modern visual upgrade. Though I still find its pixel-art aesthetic charming (especially in its cutscenes), an independent animation studio has answered the question of what Full Throttle might look like if it were being remade on modern hardware—and the results are spectacular.

Created by London-based animation studio Red Knuckles, Full Throttle 2020 is exactly what I'd imagine a modern reboot would look like. The fake trailer features sound effects and music from the original game, echoing its original release trailer. Things quickly take a different turn, though, when protagonist Ben plays a game of chicken against a space shuttle—which, unless my memory is getting really bad, wasn't a scene from the original game. Still, hearing that classic guitar riff and Ben's hard-as-nails monologue takes me back, and Red Knuckles' interpretation feels spot on.

Over on their website, Red Knuckles founders Rick Thiele and Mario Ucci explain that this trailer was a side project that several members of the studio worked on in between their regular work, which is typically advertising. Both wanted to "revamp a classic childhood memory" and, since both were fans of the original Full Throttle, decided that was a good candidate. The result is pretty great, I only wish the trailer included more scenes from the original game.

You can check out Red Knuckles' other work on its Vimeo page, and if you're hankering to now play Full Throttle like I am, it's available on Steam

Steven Messner

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