Check out Terraria's PC-only 1.2 update

The surprise news about an update for the thought-to-be-unsupported sandbox Terraria sure was shocking, wasn't it? But nobody's trolling. That update is real, and they're talking about it in the Terrarian Times and everything. Welcome back, Terraria; we're glad you're growing again.

The below video gives a tiny glimpse of what to expect from the new update, demonstrating the paint feature specifically, but everyone's favorite virtual newspaper has got the full story. According to the latest issue of the Terrarian Times , we can expect new building materials, new weapons, new tinkery things, new clothing, new mechanics, a new rideable unicorn head, and probably a whole new lease on life . And then there are the aesthetic additions, too—an overhauled character menu, for instance, as well as rainclouds.

And this is only a tiny bit of the update's known details, mind you. You'll want to read up on the Times for the full list, which is a bit of a doozy—it's all snowballs, cactus armor sets, and randomly generated stalactites galore.

The update is still "far from done," with a targeted release window of July. It's pretty far off, but considering it sounds like we'll be receiving an expansion's worth of content in what they're calling a mere update, we're cool with that.