Check out Diablo 2 recreated in StarCraft 2 in this Curse of Tristram 'Megatrailer'

We reported last summer that someone going by the name of egod123 was recreating Diablo 2 in StarCraft 2. I noted two things at the time: One, that it looked pretty good, and two, that a cease-and-desist letter from Blizzard would bring the whole thing to a screeching halt. But the latter hasn't happened yet, and so work continues—and it continues to look very good. 

The Curse of Tristram Megatrailer 2017 was released at the end of June, so no, this isn't the hottest news you're going to hear all day. But it makes for a good catch-up on a promising mod, showing off characters, combat, visual effects, and a variety of locales from throughout Diablo 2.   

Interestingly, the mod maker has an Indiegogo campaign to help support his work, which I would think only increases the likelihood of the project being shut down. But he makes no bones about what it's for, saying that "with your monetary assistance, I'll be able to eliminate many of the challenges and focus only on the project," and also promises that the beta "is just around the corner." Assuming it gets that far, I'm really looking forward to trying it.     

Andy Chalk

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