Chaos Reborn leaves Early Access this month

Chaos Reborn

A year and a half ago, X-COM creator Julian Gollop raised $210,000 on Kickstarter to create a fast-paced tactical RPG called Chaos Reborn. At the end of last year the game entered early access, got single player and multiplayer modes. Nearly a year later it's finally due for a proper release later this month: October 26.

According to Gollop's update, a few features promised during the Kickstarter campaign aren't yet implemented, "most significantly the demigod and god roles", but they'll be added within the first couple of months after launch. The version launched on October 26 will be version 1.0, but the team will continue to provide updates and add new content.

If you've been playing Chaos Reborn in early access, the launch will see all accounts reset so that new and existing players start from the same place. There'll also be an "extensive" tutorial and improved interface to help those newbies get stuck in.

Thanks, RPS.