CD Projekt RED tells gamers "Vote with your wallet"

Even as CD Projekt RED works to bring The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to multiple gaming platforms, it's clear that the PC still gives some developers a freedom they can't find anywhere else, according to a new Eurogamer interview with CD Projekt's joint-CEO Marcin Iwiński. He said Monday that no matter what DRM policies end up attached—or not—to Sony's and Microsoft's new consoles, gamers are going to be able to make a choice.

"I am sure that a lot of gamers will choose one of the consoles for its convenience and easiness of use—that's fine, and by doing so they will agree to whatever rules the platform holder will impose," Iwiński said. "What I can, however, guarantee here and now, is that if you want the 100 per cent DRM-free experience you will have it on the PC, the platform where we set the rules for our games. The Witcher 3 will be available 100 per cent DRM-free on our digital distribution platform, and that's one thing I can confirm."

It's not the first time that Iwiński, a co-founder of CD Projekt, has gone on record about the ways in which his studio's games are delivered to fans. He reportedly made the comments above following Microsoft's E3 press conference yesterday, and he also pointed out that he and his development team don't know how exactly the new Microsoft Xbox One console will differ from the PC in terms of its DRM policies. If anything, Iwiński's statement gives the public some insight into how much console manufacturers and game developers actually communicate about DRM issues.

"Again, we do not know anything definite, nor have we received any firm guidelines from Microsoft," Iwiński said. "Having said that, we strongly believe in the freedom of choice and voting with your wallet. I would disagree that it would do any good if we decided to abandon one of the platforms, especially when we have the capacity to create games for it.We have no influence on the decisions of platform holders, neither Microsoft's or Sony's, but there is a platform where we can decide what we think works best for the gamers, and that's the PC. "

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