CCP combines EVE Online and Vegas for Best Weekend Ever

Las Vegas is no stranger to holding videogame-related events—Sony Online Entertainment has a shindig of its on a yearly basis and EVO is a giant showcase of fighting games. Now EVE Online developer CCP Games, which holds its own giant event in its Icelandic stomping grounds, is headed to Vegas with some shiny toys for fans.

This weekend, fans of EVE Online who high-tailed it to Las Vegas will be able to experience a special event held by CCP itself. Fans can watch speeches from the developer discussing the future of the game, play some PvP in Eve and its shooter counterpart, Dust 514, and consume massive amounts of alcohol.

The event kicks off tonight with "EVE Vegas Poker" and a pub crawl. Saturday and Sunday will see a lot of developer speeches about the future of EVE, of Dust 514, the community and more, as well as the aforementioned PvP matches and hands-on with EVE Valkyrie , the upcoming Oculus Rift-supported spin-off. If you are not at the event, you can watch the livestream on CCP's Twitch channel .

CCP is a company that knows how to show fans a good time—I just look forward to hearing about how playing the Oculus Rift with a hangover feels.