Catzilla benchmark brings feline vengeance upon your computer

Let's be honest, most of the ways we test out our computer rigs are boring. You have the fury donut thing , or, like the benchmarks in most games, a camera zooming through a detailed environment with nothing happening. They work fine enough, but if the internet has taught me anything, it's that cats make almost everything better—a fact the benchmarking software Catzilla has taken to heart.

The benchmark is geared toward the less tech-savvy among us. Rather than running the benchmarking and spitting out a text document, Catzilla scores your computer with a certain badge. The four badges (Kitty, Cat, Tiger and Catzilla) each have three stars. So the level after a three star tiger is a single star Catzilla. The benchmark will then have a list of games your computer can optimally run and recommend which parts of your system could use an update.

Even if you already love the hand-crafted process of bringing your system to its figurative knees, do yourself a favor and check out the embedded video. It's dumb, but it's the special kind of dumb that can turn the tables on the crappy start to your day. Just be sure to lower the volume if you aren't a fan of surprise dubstep drops.

The full version of Catazilla will cost you $14.99, making it closer to the inexpensive side of benchmark software ( 3D Mark ranges from $19.95 - $45.95). Whether or not this newcomer can match blows with the competition, it at least has them beaten as far number of cats is concerned.