Cartel Tycoon trailer promises to let you be the best drug lord you can be

Set in a fictional version of Columbia, Moon Moose’s Cartel Tycoon lets you build your drug smuggling empire through the '80s. As a drug lord, you’ll find creative ways to deal with every aspect of running a criminal empire from managing personnel issues to efficiently smuggling your goods into the US. And yes, you’ll be able to hide cocaine in coffee trucks. Classic.

Aside from dealing with the logistics of your drug operation, you’ll have to contend with rival drug cartels and the law. That also means making sure you have worthy successors ready to take control of your operation once your current leader succumbs to a violent and inevitable end.

(Image credit: Tiny Build)

You can try the free demo for Cartel Tycoon right now on Steam.

Jorge Jimenez
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