Carrier Command: Gaea trailer carries, commands, conquers

Can you command a series of completely different vehicles in quick succession while also planning the conquest of a series of islands across a vast map? CAN YOU? Oh, you can. I apologise for questioning your abilities, general. To make up for it, allow me to present the latest trailer for Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, which is out in just eight days.

Arma devs, Bohemia Interactive are developing this one, so expect it to be huge, beautiful and hard. Battles take place between two enormous futuristic boats fit to bursting with land air and sea units. It sounds like the perfect set up for some tense player vs. player battles, but multiplayer support hasn't been confirmed for launch day. Hopefully it'll be patched in later.

Find out more on the Carrier Command site , and check out our latest Carrier Command preview. It's available to pre-order as well.

Tom Senior

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