Carrier Command: Gaea Mission to be shown at E3 2011

Carrier Command Gaea Mission

Bohemia Interactive announce that they will be showing their modern remake of the '80s classic, Carrier Command at this year's E3 conference. Carrier Command was a ground breaking title on early PCs and the Amiga. It gave players control of a robotic aircraft carrier and challenged them to conquer an archipeligo of 64 islands before a terrorist owned enemy Carrier could do the same.

Bohemia's remake, Carrier Command: Gaea Mission, is set to stay true to the original format. This time there will be 33 islands spread across 6 different climate areas. The robotic Carrier in the original game had some serious on board weaponry (including a giant laser turret), but could also deploy a number of sea and air units to strike from a distance. The modern sequel promises first and third person battles on land, air and sea. There's no mention of giant lasers just yet.

The new game is likely to be a few strides ahead visually. Carrier Command was famous for its pioneering use of 3D vector graphics, but can't quite compete with the technology on show in the latest Arma 3 screenshots . A faithful Carrier Command remake in Arma's engine is a very exciting prospect.

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