Card-battling RPG Ancient Enemy available now

Too bad nobody ever made a game about my ancient enemy: the act of walking downhill. Which, after a certain age, play havoc with the knees, I can tell you. Other people, admittedly, have more threatening nemeses, such as the mysterious antagonist you find yourself up against in Grey Alien Games' Ancient Enemy.

Grey Alien make card games—you might have heard of Shadowhand, and Regency Solitaire before it, two games that reside in that period of the past we call 'history'. Ancient Enemy is different, in that it's a sort of post-apocalyptic fantasy pitting your mage protagonist against various evildoers and monsters. But it retains, at heart, the Solitaire-style card-play of the previous titles. Your ultimate goal is to take on your titular nemesis, but before that, naturally, you'll need to improve your magey character by battling the lesser scum of this ruined fantasy realm. Look, here's another trailer explaining what you do in the game:

Ancient Enemy came out yesterday on Steam, and if you grab it within the next six days you'll get a 15% discount.

Disclaimer: Jim Rossignol worked at PC Gamer some time ago.

Tom Sykes

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