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Capcom cancels 4 Pro Tour 2020 tournaments due to coronavirus

(Image credit: Capcom)

The Capcom Pro Tour, which pits Street Fighter players against each other for a shot at the Capcom Cup, has cut four tournaments from its roster and postponed two more because of coronavirus concerns. 

Brussels Challenge, Norcal Regions, April Annihilation and Taipei Major have all been cancelled. The points allocated to the tournaments, which players would have been fighting for, are being completely removed rather than carried over. 

Fighter's Spirit and The MIXUP, meanwhile, are being postponed until July 11-12 and 18-29, respectively. The points they've been allocated will be carried over to July. 

Other schedules changes might occur as Capcom keeps an eye on the situation, and it's also considering adjusting the rules of the Capcom Pro Tour 2020 due to the new schedule. It's yet to detail what those changes might entail. 

Since January, a long list of events and esports tournaments have been cancelled, including the League of Legends and Overwatch pro circuits in China, EVE Fanfest, GDC and E3 2020

Here's the revised schedule

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