Cannon Fodder 3 devs: war has, on two previous occasions, been this much fun

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However often we assume we dreamt it, there really is another Cannon Fodder game coming. Russian developers Russobit-M were kind enough to answer a few of our questions about the top-down shooter, so we asked the obvious one. "Has war ever been so much fun ?"

Russobit-M: In CF3 the war is still as much fun as before.

Read on for other exciting revelations.

PC Gamer: The first Cannon Fodder game was beautifully simple and compulsive. Are they planning to retain that?

Russobit-M: The core gameplay is still simple enough: I came, I saw, I shot them all. We've kept the original gameplay, but we've also added more diversity to it – many weapons, bosses, smart enemies. There is no time for the player to get bored – as soon as he or she solves one problem, another one arises. The player is allowed to move across the location as he or she desires, so there are different ways to complete a level. You can use water to get across a chasm or swamp the enemy base with only one dynamite stick.

PC Gamer: I assume you're fans of the first two games: what is it about them that you like so much?

Russobit-M: The music, the humour and the way developers made players take care of their soldiers and even empathize with them.

PC Gamer: Cannon Fodder 2 got a lot of criticism for its alien levels. What made you decide to go back into space for Cannon Fodder 3?

Russobit-M: We did that to make the game locations more diverse. According to the game story, the main villain hurriedly leaves the Earth, and the soldiers have to follow him.

PC Gamer: Have you had any contact with the developers of the original game - Jon Hare, Stuart Campbell, or anyone else who was once at Sensible Software?

Russobit-M: We haven't had any contact with the developers of the original title.

PC Gamer: The original game is also famous for its music - both in loading screens, and the opening song. Are there any plans to record a new song for the sequel, or bring back any of the old music?

Russobit-M: We've already had a new soundtrack recorded for the game, but in some places we've kept the old music as well.

PC Gamer: Do you have any plans for a release outside of Russia and the CIS territories?

Russobit-M: Yes, negotiations are currently in progress.

PC Gamer: One of the best things about the first game was that your soldiers had names, and their little graves would appear on the hillside on the main menu. Are you keeping that, and will old names return?

Russobit-M: Yes, the soldiers will have names. But Jools and Jops have already retired, although one of them became a general. In total, 500 unique newbies with unique names will be available.

All sounds good, but it doesn't completely answer the obvious question: why? What made them want to make a new Cannon Fodder game?

Russobit-M: The GFI company purchased the CF3 license and made an agreement with Burut CT about the beginning of the project development.

Sniff. Brings a tear to the eye.


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