Call of Duty: Warzone 2 is adding literal superpowers for a limited time

The Boys are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone—although it's not actually The Boys, if you want to get technical about it (and I do). It's Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight, three members of the notorious supe group The Seven, who join the game today as new operators.

It's a strange and frankly tone-deaf crossover in my eyes. The whole point of The Boys, with the exception of Starlight, is that these purported superheroes are in reality about the worst people you could possibly imagine. Homelander, the leader of The Seven, is a mass murderer, rapist, and all-around deranged lunatic, and if the rest of the team doesn't quite match him in terms of violent criminality, it's only because they lack his raw power.

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Meanwhile, there are the actual Boys right there: Not exactly a clean-living bunch themselves, but at least fully dedicated to battling The Seven's all-encompassing corruption. Personally, I'd much rather kit up as Butcher or Frenchie, who at least look like they're supposed to be running around waving guns at people and blowing things up. Plus, you know, they're the actual good guys—and they're The Boys!

I suppose we should be thankful that at least this crossover doesn’t include Stormfront. Anyway, meet the team:

(Image credit: Activision)

Homelander Operator includes:

  • Three Tracer Weapon Blueprints:
  • Bravado” Assault Rifle
  • Pro-Tuned “Vought Issue” Assault Rifle
  • Pro-Tuned “Superiority Complex” SMG
  • “Laser Everyone” Finishing Move
  • Weapon Decal, Emblem, Loading Screen, and Weapon Charm

(Image credit: Activision)

Black Noir Operator includes:

  • Two Tracer Weapon Blueprints:
  • “Unspoken Word” Sniper Rifle
  • “Quiet Rage” Assault Rifle
  • “Noir’s Blades” Melee Weapon
  • “Shhh” Finishing Move
  • Weapon Charm, Loading Screen, Weapon Sticker, and Emblem

(Image credit: Activision)

Starlight Operator includes:

  • Three Tracer Weapon Blueprints:
  • “Des Moines Defender” Assault Rifle
  • Pro-Tuned “World Saver” SMG
  • “Blinding Light” Sidearm
  • “Necessary Evil” Finishing Move
  • Weapon Charm, Loading Screen, Weapon Sticker, and Emblem

Now, you might be wondering how an ordinary person is supposed to compete in a supe-laden world. But fear not, because Warzone also has a new field upgrade for the duration of the event called Temp V. Just as in the TV series, Temp V grants players who find and consume it one of four random superpowers:

  • Charge Jump – This ability propels the Player across the map without suffering any fall damage and dealing splash damage in a radius when they land.
  • Electric Shockwave – This shockwave sends a powerful electrical explosion that injures Operators and AI Combatants, as well as destroys Vehicles and Equipment.
  • Laser Vision – This ability levitates the Player and fires an aimed laser beam that sears through enemy targets.
  • Teleport – This ability warps the Player straight up into the air.

Unlike most field upgrades, powers granted by Temp V can be activated repeatedly after first use—but if you're taken out before you activate it, you drop it.

Homelander, Black Noir, and Starlight will be available as operators in Call of Duty: Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, while the Temp V field upgrade is only in Warzone and in DMZ (but they’re rarer in that mode). It's all live today as part of Season 4 Reloaded—the full patch notes are available at

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