Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will have LAN support, improved theatre mode, no zombies

Modern Warfare 3 - night ops

Infinity Ward creative strategist, Robert Bowling has been answering questions on Twitter in the aftermath of the Call of Duty XP event that happened over the course of the weekend. Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 3 have already been confirmed, but Bowling also mentions that LAN play will be possible, which certainly wasn't a given, considering how Modern Warfare 3 will tie in heavily with Activision's online Call of Duty Elite service.

"Yes, #MW3 has LAN," Bowling tweets , "along with detailed class restriction control + default class creation option."

The class restriction control will give LAN gamers the ability to "restrict any weapon, equipment, perk, deathstreak, secondary, attachment, ANYTHING from being used when setting up game," Bowling adds .

In response to Twitter questions asking about PC specific support, Bowling says that he's been "working on that goal for a long time. Dedicated Servers, Public Server Files, & giving control back to the player. #MW3 PC"

He also drops a few more facts. Modern Warfare 3 will get its own updated version of the theatre mode that made its debut in Call of Duty: Black Ops. That'll let players cut their own movies and upload them to Call of Duty Elite. At Call of Duty XP, Infinity Ward revealed that Call of Duty Elite subscribers would get more online storage space for their films.

Finally, as expected, there won't be any zombies in Modern Warfare 3. The popular zombies mode has been a feature of Treyarch's entries in the Call of Duty series. "although we do have a very different style of co-op in our new infinite wave based Spec Ops Survival mode," tweets Bowling. You can see footage of the Spec Ops mode in action in the recent Spec Ops trailer .

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