Call of Duty: BlOps 3 beta due late-August

Black Ops 3

An update to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 website reveals that the bombastic sequel will start beta testing on PC in late-August. Thanks to a new deal between Activision and Sony, PS4 users get first dibs with the beta on August 19. PC and Xbox One users will be ushered through the gates a week later, on August 26.

BlOps 3 is an interesting one. It's zombies mode looks pleasingly ridiculous, and the main campaign seems like an attempt to build upon some of the best systems of Advanced Warfare. But then, it's a Call of Duty—surely it won't break too far from the series' basic template.

Unfortunately, you have to pre-order to get beta access. Generally our standing advice is not to pre-order anything. That said, this is the 12th Call of Duty. You probably already know whether BlOps 3 is a game you're going to get.

Thanks, Blue's News.