Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Operation Grand Heist season roadmap revealed

Activision and Treyarch have revealed the roadmap for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's new season, Operation Grand Heist, which kicks off today on PS4 then seven days later on PC. Among the new modes and weapons, it adds Western-themed areas to the Blackout map and a new specialist, the Outrider, who returns from Black Ops 3. Here's what she looks like:

The Outrider has a drone that, when deployed, will automatically tag players it can see on the map. As you can see above, her Special Issue Weapon is a bow that can fire explosive arrows, which I'm sure is a firearm I only see the military using in computer games. 

In terms of content arriving on day one of Operation Grand Heist alongside the Outrider, there are two new Black Ops Pass multiplayer maps (Madagascar and Elevation), the return of the mode One in the Chamber, a new Zombie Gauntlet called 'Death-Con Five', and a lot more besides. 

Dropping next Friday on PC is a new respawn mode for Blackout: Hot Pursuit, featuring three new vehicles, the Muscle Car, SUV and PBR. A new region has been added to the south east portion of the Blackout map, called Ghost Town, which encompasses a version of the Black Ops 2 map Standoff, only with a Western coat of paint. You'll also find an underground area called Buried, featuring decent loot but also, unfortunately, zombies. Activision notes that there are other extensive changes to look out for across the map, with new buildings and revisions to existing areas. 

There's a lot more to follow, like two additional maps for Black Ops Pass holders called Lockup and Casino and a new Zombies experience coming in March. The full list of additions is extremely long, but you can find them all here, including more granular details on tweaks to the game's multiplayer.

Here's a giant image Activision shared that details a lot of what's to come:

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