Bundle Stars' latest Killer Bundle is 'all-thriller, no-filler'

Bundle Stars has today launched the tenth instalment of its top-selling flagship bundle—the Killer Bundle X. Packing ten games, nine of which make their bundle-debut, those interested stand to save a collective 95 percent on some pretty neat games. 

The Flame in the Flood, for example, is the game that our Chris billed as "lovely and challenging with enjoyable crafting and survival elements", while Joe had fun stumbling and staggering around Human Fall Flat. Monochroma is an underrated Limbo-like puzzle platformer, whereas Pang Adventures offers a modern slant on an age-old classic. 

The full list of Killer Bundle X's repertoire can be found via that there link, the sum of which costs £4.69/$4.99. It's live from now through July 26.

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