Build of the week: an impossible rotating steampunk clock wheel

Every Monday, Build of the week highlights a unique rig from the web’s most dedicated PC building communities. 

I thought case mods tapped out when someone made a damn gun, but the creative minds at Modder CROW out of Thailand have completely surprised me. The Wheel of the Star isn’t an endgame JRPG item, it’s a PC. Like, the motherboard is in the wheel. It spins. In two different directions. It works, somehow. I’m on the floor, I’m sobbing.

Normally, I’d look at the build log and attempt to piece together how it was done. I see a chain, there’s some really precise cutting going on, a few bearings, roman numerals—but I can’t. It’s impossible. It shouldn’t exist, but it does, and I need to work through that for a while. Don't try to contact me.  

Clock me momma like a computer wheel / Clock me momma any way you feel / Hey, momma, clock me.

Old CPU Medicine Show

Reassuringly, there’s no GPU listed in the components, but I’m cool with it. All seasoned PC builders know you can only pick one: a powerful graphics card or a motorized steampunk clock wheel. It’s basic trivia. 

For more pictures and information on how this impossible thing came into existence, check out the official build log

The Wheel of the Star components: 

CPU: Intel i7 7700K
Mobo: MSI Gaming Pro Carbon
PSU: Corsair SF600
Fan: Coolermaster MasterFan Pro 120

James Davenport

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