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Build of the week: a TARDIS made in under 24 hours

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I didn't think time travel was possible until I saw the modders at Random Design put together this detailed case mod replica of Doctor Who's TARDIS. In a 24-hour case mod competition at Gamescom this year, Kathrin and Stefan chopped, painted, and glued the iconic police box together in front of a river of people, all without the use of a sonic screwdriver. Sure, the specs aren't amazing, but we can look beyond light hardware for the craftsmanship on display. Besides, it's not like the TARDIS is the most reliable time machine in the show. 

Since the TARDIS was built within a day, there's no official worklog, so in it's stead, Random Design put together a timelapse compilation of the process. See it below. 

For more on the TARDIS and Random Design's other amazing projects, check out their official website or Facebook page

TARDIS components: 

  • Mobo: MSI Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
  • CPU: Intel i3 6100
  • RAM: 16GB G.Skill
  • SSD: 480GB G.Skill Phoenix III
  • Case: BitFenix Aurora
  • Water cooling: Parts by Alphacool
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