Brütal Legend coming to PC this month, mültiplayër beta live now


Tim " of Legend " Schafer ascended Double Fine mountain today to proclaim that Brütal Legend has been freed from the dark magic which has imprisoned it in consoles since 2009. The heavy metal adventure will release on PC February 26th, and is available now for discounted pre-purchase on Steam . Those who join the Order of Early Adopters also gain access to the multiplayer beta, which is live now, and two Team Fortress 2 crossover items.

The action-adventure/RTS stars satirical rock icon Jack Black, and was generally well received by 2009's critics. It marks the complete transition of Double Fine's major games (that is, excluding Kinect and iOS games) to the PC.

The exclusive TF2 pre-purchase items are leading man Eddie Riggs' hair and his guitar Clementine. Peter McConnell's original score is also available on Steam, bundled with the game or separately, and an art book is coming to Double Fine's store shortly after the release. Double Fine understands that heavy metal is not about making one announcement at a time. \m/

Tyler Wilde
Executive Editor

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