Broken Sword: The Director's Cut released

broken sword thumb

Well this is a little bit cool. The the remastered Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars has come to the PC - it dropped onto Steam this morning. It's £9.99/$9.99.

So what's different from the original? They've added a new plot arc - 2 hours of new story that started popping up in similar console and portable versions last year. Dave Gibbons, who created the Watchmen comics with Alan Moore, has drawn new facial expressions for the dialogue scenes. They've also added a hint system and re-jiggered the audio. Most amusingly, one of their feature bullet-points is "Addition of contemporary first person perspective minigames." That first person sure is what all the cool kids are into.

Broken Sword spends a lot of time hanging around best-game-ever lists. It's a mature, globetrotting adventure series, with more intrigue than a plot to stop a plot to rekindle a plot to build pyramids for the Illuminati so that Lincoln can come back to Earth. You can grab it here .