Bowl a perfect game in the funny, free Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge

(Image credit: kittenm4ster)

You don't need polygons or voice acting to make a great comedy game, as Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge aptly illustrates. It's a silly, funny, free browser game that's about bowling and (wink wink) absolutely nothing else. In it, you lift and slide a bowling ball around a bunch of cluttered stages, in response to challenges set by Alfonzo. As I cleared each level, and saw what the next had in store for me, a huge smile would invariably spread over my face.

That was thanks to the dialogue and the pixel art, mainly. Alfonzo's winning expressions as he reacted to my performance, and the increasing ridiculousness of the text that appeared on-screen. But it was also down to the chirpily catchy, jazzy background muzak, which reminded me a little of the distinctive Wii eShop music.

Alfonzo's Bowling Challenge lasts for around ten minutes. The nonsense progresses beautifully, culminating in...well, I won't spoil it, but like the best games it doesn't overstay its welcome. Give this a play if you like Frog Fractions, and other silly, surprising games. (Thanks, IndieGamesPlus.)

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Tom Sykes

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